UL 1598

1 Scope

1.1 This Standard applies to luminaires for use in non-hazardous locations and that are intended for installation on branch circuits of 600 V nominal or less between conductors in accordance with the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I (CEC), CSA C22.1, with the U.S. National Electrical Code (NEC), ANSI/NFPA 70, and with the Mexican National Electrical Code, NOM-001-SEDE.

1.2 This Standard does not apply to luminaires covered by other standards. The luminaries not covered by this Standard include:
Amateur Movie Lights;
Aquarium Lights;
Cabinet Lights;
Decorative Lighting Strings;
Combination Fan/IR Lamps Used for Heating;
Electric Signs;
Exit Signs;
Junction Boxes for Swimming Pool Fixtures;
Lamp Adapters;
Low-Level Path Marking and Lighting Systems in the United States;
Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting as follows:
For products intended for installation in Canada, landscape lighting systems that are 30 V nominal or less; and
For products intended for installation in Mexico, low-voltage landscape lighting devices that are 24 V nominal or less.
For products intended for installation in the United States, low-voltage landscape lighting devices that are of 15 V nominal or less;
Low Voltage Lighting Fixtures for Use in Recreational Vehicles;
Low Voltage Marine Lighting;
Luminaires for Hazardous Locations;
Luminaires for Recreational Vehicles in the United States;
Marine Navigational Lights;
Marine-Type Fixtures;
Portable Electric Displays;
Portable Hand Lamps;
Portable Luminaires;
Portable Sun/Heat Lamps;
Self-Ballasted Lamps and Lamp Adapters;
Stage and Studio Luminaires;
Submersible Luminaires;
Swimming Pools Luminaires;
Temporary Lighting Strings;
Therapeutic Lamps;
Track Lighting Systems;
Under-cabinet Lights in Canada and Cord-connected Under-cabinet Lights in the United States; and
Unit Equipment for Emergency Lighting.