Venting Systems for Gas-Burning Appliances, Categories II, III, and IV

UL 1738

1 Scope

1.1 These requirements cover venting systems intended for venting Category II, III, or IV gas-burning appliances as defined by the Standard for Gas-Fired Central Furnaces (except Direct-Vent Central Furnaces), ANSI Z21.47 and the National Fuel Gas Code, NFPA 54. Venting systems covered by these requirements are intended to be used with Category II, III, and IV appliances that have been installed in accordance with NFPA 54, and with codes such as the BOCA National Mechanical Code, the Standard Mechanical Code, the Uniform Mechanical Code, and local codes.

1.2 A product that contains features, characteristics, components, materials, or systems new or different from those covered by the requirements in this standard, and that involves a risk of fire or of electric shock or injury to persons shall be evaluated using appropriate additional component and end-product requirements to maintain the level of safety as originally anticipated by the intent of this standard. A product whose features, characteristics, components, materials, or systems conflict with specific requirements or provisions of this standard does not comply with this standard. Revision of requirements shall be proposed and adopted in conformance with the methods employed for development, revision, and implementation of this standard.

UL 1738 references these Standards: 94 * 746A * 746B * 969 * .

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